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Sources for the History of the British in the Middle East 1800-1978 "A catalogue of the Private papers Collection in theMiddle East Centre, St. Anthony's College, Oxford." (Publisher's Catalog) The microfiche reproduces the card index to the Private Papers Collection.
Hasse, Adelaide Rosalia. Reports of explorations printed in the documents of the United States Government. "Based on the bibliography of the same title by Adelaide R. Hasse, Washington, G.P.O., 1899." The index is a facsimile reprint of the 1899 bibliography with the addition of reel numbers to the documents.
Theal, George McCall. Records of South-Eastern Africa: collected in various libraries and archive departments in Europe "Collection ... of Portuguese and other records [upon the past condition of the Bantu tribes south of the Zambesi] ... including documents ... concerning the discoveries made by the first European explorers in South Africa."--Pref.
State correction and poverty reports "Includes all existent serial reports pertaining to social welfare from eleven important states." (METRO) Series is cataloged in Documents card catalog only, by state and agency. (e.g. Illinois. BLS.)
Gerritsen Collection of Women's History, 1543-1945 "Possibly the greatest single source for the study of international women's history and the feminist movement." 4,500 book titles and periodical runs, about half are in English. Guide provides broad category and name access. Records also accessible through IRIS.
Early American Imprints: 1639-1800 1st Series (Evans) "The complete text of every book, pamphlet, and braodside published in the United States in the years 1639 through 1800." (publisher's brochure)
U.S. State Department. Confidential U.S. State Department central files. China, People's Republic of China, 1955-1959: foreign affairs, decimal numbers 693 and 693B, and 611.93, 611.93B, and 611.93C "The documents are from Record Group 59, General Records of the Department of State."
U.S. State Department. Confidential U.S. State Department central files. China, People's Republic of China, 1955-1959: internal affairs "The documents are from Record Group 59, General Records of the Department of State."
U.S. State Department. Confidential U.S. State Department central files. United States-China relations, 1940-1949. "The documents in this collection ...from Record Group #59, Records of the Department of State, Central Files: China...can be found at the National Archives, Washington, D.C."
U.S. State Department. Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files. China, internal affairs, 1930-1939 / edited by Paul Kesaris. "The documents in this collection are from Record Group #59, Records of the Department of State, Central Files: China...can be found at the National Archives, Washington, D.C."
U.S. State Department. Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files. China, internal affairs, 1940-1944. "The documents in this collection..from Record Group #59, Records of the Department of State, Central Files: China...can be found at the National Archives, Washington, D.C."
Registers of the Archbishops of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace. 13th-17th Century. "The registers are 'out-letterbooks' containing copies of documents issued by or directly concernly the Archbishops in their capacities as ordinary, metropolitan, and until the Reformation, papal legates".
U.S. State Department. Confidential U.S. diplomatic post records: Central America: Cuba, 1930-1945 / edited by Paul Kesaris. "These materials can be found at the National Archives and Record Center, Washington, D.C., and the Federal Records Center, Suitland, Maryland."
Malcolm X: FBI surveillance file. "This material was released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation under provision of the Freedom of Information Act"
Eighteenth Century. "Upon completion, the microfilm collection will contain approx. 200,000 publications and will represent works printed from 1701-1800 in the British Empire, or printed in English anywhere else in the world."Publisher's catalog) - Now available as Eighteenth Century Collections Online...
Fuero de Burgos (Spanish legal text series; no.1)
Kansas. Census. 1855. 1859. 1875. 1885. 1895. 1905. 1915. 1925. (State Censuses) (State Censuses)
British and Continental Rhetoric and Elocution. ...original source materials tracing the development of rhetorical theory from the 16th to the 19th century. ...117 titles, mostly in English, but also in Latin, French and Italian, exploring every aspect of written, spoken and even musical expression.
Council of Europe [and] European Commission of Human Rights. Decisions and reports. 1 (July 1975)-94-B (Oct. 1998).
U.S. State Department. Despatches from U.S. consuls in Chinkiang, China, 1864-1902. (National Archives microcopy no. M103) 1 reel of 7
American Women's Diaries: Southern Women 1. Ada W. Bacot. 2. Zillah (Haynie) Brandon. 3. Mary Davis (Brown) Brown. 4. Dolly Summer (Lunt) Burge. 5. Louisiana D. Burge. 6. Kate S. Carney. 7. Carolyn Elizabeth (Burgwin) Clitherall. 8. Louisa (Maxwell) Holmes Cocke. 9. Martha E. (Foster) Crawford. 10. Sarah Anne (Gayle) Crawford. 11. Kate...
Norton, Caroline Sheridan. Norton: the collected writings of Caroline Norton (1808-1877). 1. Aunt Carry's ballads. The child of the islands. The coquette ... -- 2. The dream & other poems. The lady of La Garaye. The English annual,1836 -- 3. The sorrows of Rosalie ... The undying one ...A voice from the factories. Pamphlets (A plain letter, letters to the mob, &c) -- 4....
Social Welfare Periodicals: sources for history of social welfare in America 1. National Conference on Social Welfare. Social Welfare Forum. Offical proceedings, 1874-1969 -- 2. Child labor bulletin, 1912-1919, superceded by American child, 1919-1955 -- 3. Lend a hand, 1886-1897 -- 4. Charities review, 1891-1901 -- 5. Survey, 1897-1952, which includes Charities, Charities...
U.S. Census Bureau. Census of population and housing 1950. Minor Civil Divisions. [1950 Housing MCDs] 1.Alabama-Illinois; 2.Indiana-Michigan; 3.Minnesota-New Mexico; 4.New York-Pennsylvania; 5.Rhode Island-Vermont; 6. Virginia-Wyoming.
Austria. Statistische Zentral-Kommission. Tafeln zur Statistik der osterreichischen monarchie 1842-1859. [Statistics] 1847-1848 not received
Netherlands. Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek. Statistisch Jaarboek. [Statistical yearbook] 1851-1881. 1869-1881 not received
Belgium. Institut National de Statistique. Annuaire statistique de la Belgique. 1870-1962 [Annual statistics] 1880, 1893, 1894 not received.
Hungary. Statisztikai hivatal. Magyar statistikai evkonyv. [Statistical yearbook] 1872-1965. 1890, 1940, 1943-1946 not received
Belgium. Commission Centrale de Statistique. Statistique generale de la Belgique: Expose de la situation du royaume. 1841-1900 [Statistics] 1900 not received.
Portugal. Instituto Nacional de Estatistico. Anuario estatistico. 1875-1970. [Annual statistics] 1904/5-1936 only
Argentina. Direccion General de Estadistica. Anuario de la Direccion General de Estadistica. 1893-1907, 1909-1912. [Statistics] 1905 v. 2 missing
Federal Register (1936-2003) [M190] 1936-2003 are available in microform. Later years are available in paper and shelved in documents stack 26.
Denmark. Statistiske Department. Statistisk Arbog. [Statistical yearbook] 1896-1965. 1945 not received.
Argentina. Direccion Nacional de Estadistica y Censo. Anuario estadistico, 1944-1950, 1957. [Annual statistics] 1951-1956 not published
Greece. Ethnike Statistike Hyperesia. Statistike epeteris tes Hellados. [Statistical yearbook]. 1954-1965. 1954-1956, 1965 not received
Bulgaria. Darzhavno Upravlenie za Informatsiya. Statistickeski godishnik na Narodna Republika Bulgaria. [Annual statistics] 1956-1970. 1956, 1969 not received
U.S. Army Department. Area Handbook. (Countries of the World) 1960s and 1970s editions of Area Handbooks. Other editions are available in the US documents collections.
U.S. War Censorship Office. A history of the Office of Censorship. 1: Censorship as viewed from the office of the director -- 2: Press and Broadcasting Divisions -- 3: Liaison and Digest Office, Administrative Division, Technical Operations Division, Legal Office -- 4: The Office of the Chief Postal Censor -- 5: District postal censorship stations -- 6: Office of...
U.S. State Department. Despatches from U.S. consuls in Swatow, China, 1860-1881. (National Archives microcopy no. M113) 2 of 4 reels
U.S. State Department. Despatches from U.S. consuls in Hong Kong, China, 1844-1906. (National Archives microcopy no. M108) 2 reels of 21.
Indiana. State Bureau of Inspection. Annual report. 1st-2nd, 4th. 1897-1898, 1900. [State Labor Reports] 3rd report not published
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth 1807-1882. Journals and letters 4 reels of his journals, 3 of his letters, and one of his miscellaneous writings. Journals range from 1826 to 1882. Letters reels are labelled: March 13, 1851--; June 9, 1863--; and April 2, 1871--. Reel 8 lacks a label.
U.S. State Department. Records of the Department of State relating to internal affairs of Argentina, 1910-1929. (National Archives microcopy no. M514) 44 reels total
Michigan. Department of Labor. Report of the Inspection of Factories in Michigan. 1st-4th. 1893-1897. [State Labor Reports] 5th-7th Report of the State Inspection of Factories included in Annual report of the Bureau of Labor and Industrial Statistics, 1898-1900.
California. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Biennial report. 1st-9th. 1883/84-1899/1900. [State Labor Reports] 6th (1893-94) and 8th (1897/98) not published.
U.S. State Department. Despatches from U.S. consuls in Hankow, China, 1861-1906. (National Archives microcopy no. M107) 8 reels total
NUC Cartographic Materials Microform/Library of Congress A Cartographic Materials index, NUC stands for the National Union Catalog
Civil Rights During the Johnson Administration, 1963-1969 A collection from the holdings of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library, Austin, Texas. [pt. 1. White House central files (15 reels) -- pt. 2. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission administrative history (3 reels) -- pt. 3. Oral histories (3 reels) -- pt. 4. Records of the White House Conference on...
Russian History and Culture. A collection of 2,000 scarce titles in the humanities and social sciences selected from the Helsinki University Library.
Image of the East: Nineteenth Century Near Eastern Photographs by Bonfils from the collections of the Harvard Semitic Museum [Chicago visual library text-fiche] A collection of photographs of Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, and other Middle Eastern states in the 19th century, photographed primarily by the brothers Felix and Adrian Bonfils.