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Indiana. Board of state charities. Annual report. 1st-41st; 1889/90-1919/30. The board is responsible for investigating the whole system of public charities and correctional institutions for the state and must submit written reports of their findings and recommendations to the governor.
Indiana. Bureau of Statistics. Annual report. 1st-14th. 1879-1899/1900. [State Labor Reports] N/A
Indiana. Census. 1801. 1815. (State Censuses) Not available.
Indiana. Labor Commission. Biennial report. 1st-2nd. 1897/8-1899/1900. [State Labor Reports] N/A
Indiana. State Bureau of Inspection. Annual report. 1st-2nd, 4th. 1897-1898, 1900. [State Labor Reports] 3rd report not published
Indiana. Statistics and Geology Department. Annual report. 1879-1880. [State Statistical Abstract] N/A
Indiana. Statistics Department. Annual report. 1881-1884. [State Statistical Abstract] N/A
Indiana. Statistics Department. Biennial report. 1885/6-1915/6. [State Statistical Abstract] N/A
Iowa. Bureau of Labor. Biennial report. 1st-9th. 1884-1900. [State Labor Reports] N/A
Iowa. Census. 1836. 1838. 1847. 1849. 1854. 1856. 1859. 1862. 1865. 1867. 1869. 1873. 1875. 1885. 1895. 1905. 1915. 1925. (State Censuses) Not available.
Iowa. Mine Inspector. Annual report. 1st-10th. 1880/81-1900/01. N/A
Italy. Instituto Centrale de Statistica. Annuario statistico Italiano. 1878-1965. [Annual statistics] N/A
Jamaica. Assembly. Journals of the Assembly of Jamaica, 1663-1826. 14 vol. N/A
Jefferson Papers of the University of Virginia, 1732-1828 N/A
Kansas. Census. 1855. 1859. 1875. 1885. 1895. 1905. 1915. 1925. (State Censuses) (State Censuses)
Kansas. Labor and Industry Department. Annual report. 1st-16th. 1885-1900. [State Labor Reports] N/A
Kansas. State Historical Society. Archives division. Office of secretary of state abstracts of election returns. 1896-98. [Kansas Election Returns] Not available.
Kansas. State Labor Department. Mine inspection report. 1st-13th. 1884-1900. N/A
Kentucky. Mines and Minerals Department. Annual report. 1st-17th. 1884-1900. N/A
Kuepper, Stephen Louis. Euthanasia in America, 1890-1960: the controversy, the movement, and the law. A Rutgers University Doctoral dissertation.
Landmarks of Science. Microfacsimiles of texts considered landmarks of science from the beginning of printing to the early 20th century.
Latin American Anarchist and labour periodicals, 1880-1940 Reproduces the IISH collection of periodicals from the formative period of Latin American labour movements and anarchist groups (1890-1920). The Austrian anarchist, historian and collector, Max Nettlau (1865-1944), amassed the most significant segments of the collection.
Lewis, John Llewellyn, 1880-1969. John L. Lewis Papers 1879-1969 N/A
Life and confession of Ann Walters: the female murderess! : also the execution of Enos G. Dudley, at Haverhill, N.H., May 23d, 1849 : to which is added the confession of Mary Runkle, who was executed for murder. n/a
Lillian Wald Papers The Lillian Wald Papers comprise all of the materials in the Columbia university Library collection except: books and pamphlets from Lillian Wald's personal library, correspondence with Willa Cather (omitted due to the stipulations of Cather's estate), and newspaper clippings too fragile...
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth 1807-1882. Journals and letters 4 reels of his journals, 3 of his letters, and one of his miscellaneous writings. Journals range from 1826 to 1882. Letters reels are labelled: March 13, 1851--; June 9, 1863--; and April 2, 1871--. Reel 8 lacks a label.
Louisiana. Census. 1806. 1853. 1858. (State Censuses) Not available.
Maclure Collection of French Revolutionary Material The collection of William S. Maclure (1763-1840) of French Revolutionary materials now housed at the University of Pennsylvania. The guide also includes a survey of other libraries' collection of French Revolutionary materials.
Maine. Bureau of Industrial and Labor Statistics. Annual report. 1st-14th. 1887-1900. [State Labor Reports] N/A
Maine. Secretary of State. Statistics of industries and finances of Maine. 1st-4th. 1873-1886. N/A
Maryland. Bureau of Industrial Statistics and Information. Biennial report. 1st-4th. 1884/85-1890/91. [State Labor Reports] N/A
Maryland. Bureau of Statistics and Information. Annual report. 1st-9th. 1892-1900. [State Labor Reports] N/A
Massachusetts. Agent for aiding discharged prisoners. Report. 1846-1929. The reports for 1846-1856 and 1876 were not located and may never have been published. Reports for 1880-1929 are contained in the Annual report of the board of commissioners of prisons and its successors. From 1929 on aid was distributed directly by the six correctional institutions.
Massachusetts. Board of commissioners of prisons. Annual report. 1st-30th; 1871-1900. N/A
Massachusetts. Bureau of prisons. Annual report. 1st-4th; 1816-1919. Contains reports upon all prison matters, with statistics of arrests and of criminal prosecutions. Includes also reports of the State prison, Boston, the Massachusetts reformatory, Concord, the Reformatory prison for women, Sherborn, the prison camp and hospital, Rutland, and the State farm,...
Massachusetts. Bureau of Statistics of Labor. Annual report. 1st-31st. 1869/70-1900. [State Labor Reports] N/A
Massachusetts. Bureau of Statistics of Labor. Index to reports. 1870-1889. [State Labor Reports] N/A
Massachusetts. Bureau of Statistics. The Massachusetts Bureau of Statistics, 1869-1915: a sketch of its history, organization and functions. [State Labor Reports] N/A
Massachusetts. Census. 1837. 1840. 1850. 1855. 1865. 1875. 1885. 1895. 1905. 1915. 1925. 1934. 1935. 1945. (State Censuses) Not available.
Massachusetts. General superintendent of prisons. Annual report. Concerning prison labor...1st-14th; 1887-1900. N/A
Massachusetts. Secretary of the commonwealth. Abstracts of sheriff's returns concerning the jails and houses of correction in the commonwealth. 1st-29th; 1833-1863. The reports for 1834 and 1840 were never published.
Massachusetts. Secretary of the commonwealth. Abstracts of the returns relating to the poor in Massachusetts. 1st-27th; 1837-1863. N/A
Massachusetts. State Board of Arbitration and Conciliation. Annual report. 1st-15th. 1887-1900. [State Labor Reports] N/A
Massachusetts. State board of charities. Annual report. 1st-15th; 1863/64-1877/78. The board is responsible for investigating and supervising the whole system of public charitable and correctional institutions in Massachusetts and is authorized to transfer pauper inmates from one charitable or lunatic institution to another. They are further authorized to admit and discharge...
Massachusetts. State board of charity. Annual report. 21st-41st; 1898/99-1918/19. N/A
Massachusetts. State board of health, lunacy and charity. Annual report. 1st-7th; 1879-1886. N/A
Massachusetts. State board of lunacy and charity. Annual report. 8th-20th; 1886/87-1897/98. N/A
McCook, John James 1843-1927. The Social Reform Papers of John James McCook N/A
McKinney, John, defendant. Report of the Trial of John McKinney for the murder of Conrad Baur, at the Essex County Court of oyer and terminer, January term, 1856. N/A
Mexico. Direccion General de Estadistica. Anuario estadistico. 1893-1904, 1906-1924, 1930, 1938-1968/69. [Annual statistics] N/A