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City Directories Trenton, New Jersey. 1845-1971 Trenton Free Public Library No directories included for 1846-1853, 1858, 1860-1864, 1866, 1937, 1939-45, 1949, 1951, 1953, 1959, 1961, 1964, 1968, 1969.
Civil War Letters 1861-1865, Copied from the Fredonia censor Letters sent to the Fredonian describing army life during the civil war.
Colonial-Hispanic legal documents (18th-19th centuries) Reel 1. [Introduction and contents], index cards for all jurisdictions -- Reel 2. Colombia : Laws & statues (Documents 1-97) -- Reel 3. Colombia : Law & statues (Documents 1-22) -- Reel 4. Colombia : Miscellaneous (Documents 1-4) -- Reel 5. Mexico : Laws & statues (Documents 1-230) --...
Colorado. Census. 1861. 1866. (State Censuses) Not available.
Colorado. Labor Statistics Bureau. Biennial report. 1st-7th. 1887/88-1899/1900. [State Labor Reports] Not available.
Colorado. State Board of Arbitration. Annual report. 1st-2nd, 1897-98. [State Labor Reports] Not available.
Colorado. State board of charities and correction. Biennial report. 1st-14th; 1891/92-1916/18. The 3rd and 6th Reports, 1894/96 and 1900/02, respectively, were not located and may never have been published.
Colorado. State board of pardons. Biennial report. 1st-15th; 1893/94-1920/22. It is the duty of the board to investigate all applications for executive clemency and present the facts of each case along with its recommendations to the governor. The 11th-13th Reports, 1913/14-1917/18, were not located and may never have been published.
Condition Ouvriere (The condition of the 19th century French working class) Vol. 1 contains 19th century French books on the working classes. Vol. 2 includes books from the 16th to the 20th centuries.
Congressional Information Service. CIS U.S. Senate Executive Documents and Reports, 1817-1969. Covers documents and reports not printed in the US serial set.
Connecticut. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Report. (1st series) 1st-2nd. 1873/74-1874/75. [State Labor Reports] Not available.
Connecticut. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Report. (2nd series) 1st-16th. 1885-1900. [State Labor Reports] Not available.
Connecticut. Department of Factory Inspection. Report. 1st-15th. 1887/88-1900/01. [State Labor Reports] Not available.
Corelli, Marie. Fiction of Marie Corelli, 1855-1924 [British Fiction Archive] Not available.
Debs, Eugene Victor, 1855-1926. Papers of Eugene V. Debs, 1834-1945 Writings of Eugene V. Debs.
Delaware & Raritan Canal Agreements, 1874-1940 Contains records involving the Delaware & Raritan canal. Consists of canal related agreements entered into the Pennsylvania Railroad as lessee from 1874-1934 in which year the canal was taken over by the state of New Jersey.
Denmark. Statistiske Department. Statistisk Arbog. [Statistical yearbook] 1896-1965. 1945 not received.
Derré, Jean René. Lamennais, ses amis et le mouvement des idées à l'époque romantique, 1824-1834. N/A
District of Columbia. Census. 1800-30. 1803. 1867. 1878. 1885. 1888. 1894. 1897. 1905. 1906. 1907. 1908. 1909. 1912. 1913. 1915. 1919. (State Censuses) Not available.
Duke University. Library. Manuscript Department. Socialist Party of America Papers, 1897-1963 & 1919-1976, addendum The papers contain correspondence, minutes of committee meetings and proceedings of conventions, financial records, court records, copies of speeches, press releases, organizers' reports, lists, photographs, broadsides, leaflets, pamphlets, books, and serials. [Ser. 1. National office papers,...
Dumont, Jean, baron de Carlscroon, 1660-1726. Corps universal diplomatique du droit des gens contenant un recueil des traites d'alliance. (Main work and supplement) Anthology of treaties, pacts, alliances and other contracts passed in Europe after the reign of charlemagne up until the present.
Early American Imprints. 1801-1819 2nd series (Shaw and Shoemaker) Not included in ESTC database.
Early American Newspapers (1704-1820). Individual titles cataloged separately.
Early British Periodicals (EBP) Consists of more than 160 periodicals dealing with literature, philosophy, history, science, and fine arts, and the social sciences which were published primarily in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Edison, Thomas. A. Thomas A. Edison papers: a selective micro film edition Pt. 1. 1850-1878 -- Pt. 2. 1879-1886 --Pt. 3.1887-1898 -- Pt. 4. 1899-1910
Educational Alliance (New York, N.Y.). Minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors of the Educational Alliance (Minutes of the Board of Trustees, the Educational Alliance, 1879-1980) Contains minutes of the Board of Trustees, annual reports, and minutes of committees. There are no minutes for 1891 through November 1898. The next minutes are dated December 12, 1898. There are no additional gaps through 1980.
Emma Goldman Papers Correspondence, writings, and government documents related to the life of Emma Goldman (1869-1940).
Finland. Tilastollinen Paatoimisto. Suomen tilastollinen vuosikinja. [Statistical yearbook] 1879-1970. N/A
Florida. Census. 1825. 1845. 1855. 1885. 1895. 1905. 1915. 1925. 1935. 1945. (State Censuses) Not available.
France. Affairs etrangeres, Ministere des. Les origines de diplomatiques de la guerre de 1870-71. N/A
France. Archives parlementaires de 1787 a 1860. Recueil complet des debats legislatifs et politique des Chambres Francaises. Serie I, vols. 1-82, 1787-1794 Serie II, vols. 1-106, 1800-1837. Guide - France, Bibliothe'que nationale catalogue general des livres imprimis de la Bibliothique nationale
France. Chambre des deputes. Journal officiel. Debats Parlementaires. 1869-1940. Microfiche: 1869-1889/90. Microcard: 1890-1917. Microfiche: 1917-1940.
France. Institut national de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques. Annuaire statistique de la France 1878-1965. [Annual statistics] N/A
France. Parlement. Histoire parlementarie de la revolution francaise 1789-1815 N/A
Gale-Morant papers, 1731-1925: in the Library University of Exeter (British records relating to America in microform) Section 1. General correspondence of William Gale -- Section 2. Documents relating to William Gale's will -- Section 3. Papers relating to York Plantation and Gale's Valley Plantation -- Section 4. Papers relating to Mount Hindmost Estate and St. Jago and Paisley Pens -- Section 5....
Gallatin Albert 1761-1849 The papers of Albert Gallatin 1761-1880 N/A
George Allen and Co. Index to the archives of George Allen & Co., 1893-1915 [British Publishers' Archives] N/A
Georgia. Census. 1824. 1831. (State Censuses) Not available.
Georgia. Prison commission. Report. 1st-31st; 1897-1929/30. N/A
German Confederation, 1815-66. Bundesversammlung. Protokolle der Deutschen Bundes-versammlung, 1815-66 N/A
Germany. Reichstag. Verhandlungen des Reichstags Bds. 1-57, 1867-1879; Bds. 58-164, 1880-1897; Bds. 165-325, 1898-1918; Bds. 326-458, 1919-1933.
Germany. Statistisches Reichsamt. Statistisches Jahrbuch fur das Deutsches Reich 1880-1942. [Statistical yearbook] For later years, see Germany. Statistisches Bundesamt. Statistisches Jahrbuch fur die Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1952-1965.
Gerritsen Collection of Women's History, 1543-1945 "Possibly the greatest single source for the study of international women's history and the feminist movement." 4,500 book titles and periodical runs, about half are in English. Guide provides broad category and name access. Records also accessible through IRIS.
Great Britain. 1851 Census: a national sample of the enumerators' returns. Great Britain -- Census of 1851 Compiled by Michael Anderson
Great Britain. Colonial Office. Bahamas, report for the years 1890-1938. N/A
Great Britain. Colonial Office. Barbados, report for the years 1890-1938/39. N/A
Great Britain. Colonial Office. Basutoland, [Africa], report for the years 1890/91-1938. N/A
Great Britain. Colonial Office. Bechuanaland, [Africa], report for the years 1889/90-1938. N/A
Great Britain. Colonial Office. Bermuda, report for the years 1890-1938. N/A
Great Britain. Colonial Office. British Guiana, report for the years 1890-1938. N/A