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World War II Combat Interviews [Armed Forces Oral Histories] N/A
Working Class Autobiographies from the British Libraries. N/A
Woolf, Virginia. Virginia Woolf manuscripts from the Monks House papers at the University of Sussex. N/A
Women's studies manuscript collections from the Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe College. Series 3, Sexuality, sex education, and reproductive rights (Research collections in women's studies) pt. A. Family planning oral history project (3 reels) -- pt. B. The papers of Mary Ware Dennett and the Voluntary Parenthood League (36 reels).
Women's studies manuscript collections from the Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe College. Series 2, Women in national politics (Research collections in women's studies) pt. A. Democrats (14 reels)
Women's studies manuscript collections from the Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe College. Series 1, Woman's suffrage (Research collections in women's studies) Pt. A. National leaders (18 reels) -- pt. B. New York (15 reels) -- pt. C. The South (8 reels) -- pt. D. New England (65 reels) -- pt. E. The Midwest and Far West (35 reels).
Women's Labour League, 1906-1918 (Archives of the British Labour Party. Series 3, General correspondence and political records; pt. 4) N/A
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, United States Section, 1919-1959 reel 1-37, Ser. A. Historical records -- reel 38-92, Ser. C. Correspondence -- reel 93-97, Ser. E. Serial publications.
Women's International League for Peace & Freedom papers 1915-1978 N/A
Women missionaries Papers of the Women's Association for Foreign Missions,1885-1930. Papers of the Women's Association for Foreign Missions,1885-1930.Free Church of Scotland. Woman's Foreign Missionary Society--History.
Wilson, Godfrey. Land rights of individuals among the Nyakyusa Rhodes-Livingstone Papers
Wilson, Godfrey. Essay on the economics of detribalization in Northern Rhodesia Rhodes-Livingstone Papers
Wilson, Godfrey. Constitution of Ngonde Rhodes-Livingstone Papers
Wilson, Godfrey and Monica Hunter. Study of African society Rhodes-Livingstone Papers
William Livingston Papers, 1774-1790 United States. Politics and Government. 1783-1790. New Jersey.
Will Hays Papers (Hayes) Cinema history
Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society. Methodist Missionary Society archives Minutes, reports and correspondence in mss. and typescript of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society and the Primitive Methodist Missionary Society, which merged with the United Methodist Missionary Society in 1932 to form the Methodist Missionary Society. Contents: Introduction -- Wesleyan...
Wallace, Henry Agard, 1888-1965 Henry A. Wallace Papers at the University of Iowa Papers of the Vice-President and Cabinet member during Franklin Roosevelt's administration.
Two studies in African nutrition : an urban and a rural community in Northern Rhodesia. / Thomson, Betty Preston. Rhodes-Livingstone Papers
Temperance & Prohibition Papers N/A
Students for a Democratic Society: 1958-1970 N/A
Steuben, Friedrich Wilhelm Ludolf, Baron von 1730-1794. The papers of General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben 1777-1794 N/A
Southern Tenant Farmers' Union Papers This "bi-racial union" includes sharecroppers, tenant farmers, and small landowners. The guide describes each reel and offers an index by personal name and organization.
Sources for the History of the British in the Middle East 1800-1978 "A catalogue of the Private papers Collection in theMiddle East Centre, St. Anthony's College, Oxford." (Publisher's Catalog) The microfiche reproduces the card index to the Private Papers Collection.
Socialist Party of America. Duke University Library. Manuscripts. Socialist Party of America Papers 1897-1976 N/A
Social survey of the African population of Livingstone / by Merran McCulloch. Rhodes-Livingstone Papers
Sherman, William Tecumseh. William Tecumseh Sherman family papers 1808-1891 Correspondance, clippings, photographs, diaries, and legal papers from the U.S. Civil War general and his family.
Sanger, Margaret. Margaret Sanger. (Pt.1: Diaries, speeches, and writings of Margaret Sanger.) (Women in America: core primary sources for women's studies; ser. 3) Consists of the diaries and correspondence of Margaret Sanger in addition to her lectures and speeches. Each reel includes biographical information, a chronology, an index to papers, a general table of contents for the part, and a detailed table of contents for the reel.
Saionji, Kimmochi, 1849-1940. Saionji-Harada memoirs 1930-1940: Civil Intelligence Section Special report (See also International Military Tribunal for the Far East Proceedings = Tokyo War Crimes Trial) Prince Kinmochi Saionji (1849-1940) was the last of the leaders of the Meiji Restoration to retain political influence in 20th century Japan. These memoirs (written by Baron Harada) give a view of pre-war Japan.
Sainsbury, William Noel. Original unpublished papers illustrative of the life of Sir Peter Paul Rubens: as an artist and a diplomatist: preserved in H. M. State Paper Office: with an appendix of documents respecting the Arundelian collection... N/A
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano. Press Conferences of Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933-1945 Issued by the National Archives and Records Service.
Roosevelt, Eleanor. Papers of Eleanor Roosevelt, 1933-1945. N/A
Rooiyard : a sociological survey of an urban native slum yard / by Ellen Hellman. Rhodes-Livingstone Papers
Robert Jackson Alexander papers, 1890(1945)-1999: the interview collection. Reel 1. Africa to Argentina -- reel 2. Asia-General to Brazil-Businessmen -- reel 3. Brazil-Catholic Labor... to Brazil-Sociologists -- reel 4. Brazil-State... to Cayman Islands -- reel 5. Chile to Chile-Trade Unionists -- reel 6. China to Cuba-Trade Unionists -- reel 7. Curacao-Interviews to El...
Ritchie, J.F. African as suckling and as adult: a psychological study Rhodes-Livingstone Papers
Richards, Audrey I. Bemba marriage and present economic conditions Rhodes-Livingstone Papers
Remarks on the country extending from Cape Palmas to the River Congo: including observations on the manners and customs of the inhabitants : with an appendix containing an account of the European trade with the West Coast of Africa West Africa--slave trade, commerce, description, and travel. Previous ed. published in 1822,under title: sketches taken during ten voyages to Africa between the years 1786 and 1800.
Records of the National Association of Colored Women's Clubs (1895-1992--U.S.), Pt.1: Minutes of national conventions, publications, and President's office correspondence & Pt.2: President's Office Files, 1958-1968 Minutes of national conventions, president's office correspondence, and other publications, including local affiliates, and histories of clubs.
Records of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. Series A, Holdings of the Chicago Historical Society and the Newberry Library, 1925-1969 edited by William H. Harris. pt. 1. Records of the BSCP, 1925-1969 (30 reels) -- pt. 2. Records of the Ladies Auxiliary of the BSCP, 1931-1968 (10 reels) -- pt. 3. Records of the BSCP relations with the Pullman Company, 1925-1968 (10 reels).
Records of ante-bellum southern plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War: Series D, Selections from the Maryland Historical Society Account books, family papers, and diaries of slave owners from the eighteenth century through the Civil War.
Preliminary survey of Luvale rural economy / by C.M.N. White. Rhodes-Livingstone Papers
Petitot, Claude Bernard, ed. 1772-1825 Collections des memoires relatifs a l'histoire de France. Ser.1: Complete memoirs relating to the history of France from the reign of Phillipe Auguste until the beginning of the 17th century. Ser.2: Memoirs relating to the history of France from the advancement of Henri IV until the peace of Paris in 1763
Peronist Era Political Pamphlets and Monographs. [Argentina] Source material for analyzing the factors that contributed to the rise, dominance and fall of Peron. Also includes many of Peron's writings and speeches from the 1940's to 1955.
Penn, William. Papers of William Penn Reproduces correspondence, patents, wills, commissions, petitions, and constitutional documents, as well as such memorabilia as account books, lists of charges, and records of legal activities.
Peel, Sir Robert, 1788-1850. Sir Robert Peel Papers. N/A
Paul Robeson Collection Includes correspondence, speeches, newspaper and magazine excerpts by and about Robeson.
Papers of W.E.B. DuBois Correspondence, speeches, articles, newspaper columns, non-fiction books, pamphlets, book reviews, petitions, essays, novels, plays, short stories, poetry, and photographs are included in this collection, filmed from the holdings at the University of Massachusetts. The guide is a selective list...
Papers of the Women's Trade Union League and its Principal Leaders. I. Margaret Dreier Robins papers -- II. National Women's Trade Union League papers (Schlesinger Library) -- III. Mary Anderson papers. -- IV. New York Women's Trade Union League papers -- V. Leonora O'Reilly papers -- VI. Rose Schneiderman papers -- VII. Agnes Nestor papers -- VIII....
Papers of Joseph Trimble Rothrock, MD Reels contain mainly correspondences of Joseph Trimble Rothrock. Also included are manuscripts and published articles, lectures, speeches, reports, and other writings and notes for his writings, lectures, and speeches. Series 1. Joseph Trimble Rothrock Papers in the Rothrock family collection (7...
Papers of Emily Green Balch, 1875-1961 Published in cooperation with the Swarthmore College Peace Connection. Organized into 3 series: (1)biographical, (2)correspondence, and (3)diaries, journals, notes,etc. Guide is a listing only.