Saionji, Kimmochi, 1849-1940. Saionji-Harada memoirs 1930-1940: Civil Intelligence Section Special report (See also International Military Tribunal for the Far East Proceedings = Tokyo War Crimes Trial)


ALEXANDER M/film 2078, 2079, 2080


3 reels; [reel 1] pts. 1-8. March 1930-May 1935.--[reel 2] pts. 9-17. May 1935-December 1938.--[reel 3] pts 18-24. December 1938-November 1940.


Tokyo War Crimes Trial: Index and Guide ALEXANDER DOCREF JX5438.3.P744 1981 (v.1, pages 226-239); Tokyo Trials: A Functional Index to the Proceedings of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East ALEXANDER DOCREF JX6731.W3D88 1957 (pages 28, 40, 69, 81)


Prince Kinmochi Saionji (1849-1940) was the last of the leaders of the Meiji Restoration to retain political influence in 20th century Japan. These memoirs (written by Baron Harada) give a view of pre-war Japan.


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