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15th New Jersey Regiment Volunteer Veterans Association. 2d annual…pilgrimage to Gettysburg and the Shanandoah Valley…May 21st to 25th…1907

collection of various items (share a barcode)

A mirrour for Martinists, and all other schismatiques

On reel with above are: (2) A commission sente to the Pope, Cardynales, bishops, Friers, Monkes…1586. (3) A commyssion sent to the bloody butcher, byshop of London by Athanas, the deuil of Hell. (4) The beehiue of the romishe churche. A worke of al good Catholikes too bee read.

Abstracts of Jamaica wills, 1625-1792, in the British Museum (British records relating to America in microform)

This is a collection of 312 abstracts of wills of English colonists or property holders in Jamaica during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Achery, Luc d'. Spicileguim sive collectio veterum aliquot scriptorvm qui in Galliae bibliothecis delituerant. Nova editio priori…

Not available.

Acheson, Dean. Princeton Seminars of Dean Acheson. July 1953-May 1954.

Transcripts of meetings held at the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton University, hosted by J. Robert Oppenheimer, to discuss the foreign policy of the Truman years. Issued by U.S. National Archives and Records Service.

Adams, Mary P. Jefferson's military policy, with special reference to the frontier, 1805-1809

Microfilm copy of typescript. Thesis non-RU; abstracted in dissertation abstracts

Addams, Jane. Jane Addams Papers 1860-1890

Includes correspondence from people such as Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Ida Tarbell and Emily Green Balch; personal documents(1873-1935) such as educational records, diaries, calendars, Addams' writings, and documents relating to her death; manuscripts and published versions of…

Afro-American History Series

Set of some 51 documents; includes sermons, orations, narratives, and other primary source materials published between 1792 and 1899. Most are pre-Civil War. Some are also available in paper copy and are listed in IRIS under this series.

Aikin, Dorothy, 1907-. Psychiatric consultation in the family agency.

Thesis Non-RU

Ainalov, Dmitrii Vlas'evich. Ellininisticheskiîa osnovy Bizantiiskago iskusstva.

Not available.

Alabama. Census. 1838. 1840. 1844. (State Censuses)

Part of larger State Censuses collection

Alksnis, Gertrude. The objectives and functioning of the Soviet Russian children's libraries presented from recent Russian printed sources.

Thesis non-RU

Allbaugh, Nancy Jean. Comprehension of three levels of socail studeis materials as designated by a readability formula.

Thesis non-RU; abstracted in dissertation abstracts

Allen, E. Livingston. Descriptive lecture. Both sides of army life: the grave and the gay.

On reel with: Wright, William (of Paterson, N.J.) To the Metropolitan sanitary fair. A simple remedy for a sore evil; or, The necessity of making early nominations… 1864

Allinson, William J. Memoir of the Quamino Buccau, a pious Methodist.

On reel with: Wright, William (of Paterson, N.J.) To the Metropolitan sanitary fair. A simple remedy for a sore evil; or, The necessity of making early nominations… 1864

America Institute of Public Opinion & Scholarly Resources, Inc. Gallup looks at the movies: audience research reports, 1940-1950

Not available.

American Bureau of Industrial Research: Manuscript Collections on the Early American Labor Movement, 1862-1908 [Research collections in labor studies]

This collection has been reproduced from the holdings of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.

American Culture Series, 1493-1875: titles in the field of history (Early American Books and Pamphlets in the Field of History)

Materials in the field of history, published before 1875. No unpublished manuscripts or serial publications are included. Provides a wealth of materials on colonization, exploration, frontier life, travel, customs, utopian and reform movements, historiography, the Revolution and the Civil War…

American Culture Series: titles in the field of economics

This set contains materials in the field of economics published before 1875. No unpublished manuscripts or serial publications are included.

American Culture Series: titles in the field of sciences

reels 1-6, sect.1. Science, General -- reel 7, sect.2. Astronomy -- reels 8-11, sect. 3. Botany -- reels 12-16, sect.4. Chemistry -- reels 17-18, sect.5. Geography -- reels 19-24, sect.6. Geology -- reels 25-27, sect.7. Mathematics -- reels 28-38, sect.8. Medicine -- reels 39-41, sect.9. Physics…

American fiction, 1774-1850, based on the bibliography by Lyle H. Wright, rev. ed.

Each title identified on the film by the number assigned to it in American fiction

American Labor Unions' Constitutions and Proceedings, 1836-1982

Part 1 covers 1836-1974, and includes the available Constitutions and Proceedings of 33 active and 61 inactive unions. Part 2 includes 67 active and 93 inactive unions spanning the years 1864-1976. The parts are organized by industry, in 22 main categories. See Also: American Labor Unions…

American labor unions. Update

Formed by the union of: American labor union officers' reports and supplementary documents, and Labor union constitutions and proceedings. Update, after 1982.

American Literary Annuals and Gift Books, 1825-1865

Contents.- Reel 6. no.43-43 Autographs for freedom. -no. 44. Autumn leaves: a collection of miscellaneous poems from various authors. No. 45. Autumn leaves: original pieces in prose and verse. -no.46. The Baltimore book, a Christmas and New-Year's present, ed. by W. H. Carpenter and T. S.…

American national election study, 1980 [2nd Ed.]

Results of interviews and statistical studies indicating voter preferences and statuses.

American Periodical Series, (APS I, II, III)

These three series reproduce over 1100 periodicals of the 18th and 19th century. Available full-text online via the Indexes and Database page. - Now available as American Periodicals Series Online 1740-1900 at

American Statistics Index (ASI) (1980-2017)

A master guide & index to statistical publications of the US Gov't. Index is arranged by subject, and various geographic, economic, or demographic categories. Includes depository and non-depository documents. SEE ALSO: Statisitcal Reference Index (SRI)

American Women's Diaries: New England Women

Ruth Henshaw Bascom 1789-1846, Abigail Gardner Drew 1799-1817, Hannah Davis Gale 1837-1838, Sally Ripley 1799-1801 & 1805-1809, Martha Patty Rogers 1785, Susan EPB Forbes 1841-1908, Caroline Barrett White 1849-1915

American Women's Diaries: Southern Women

1. Ada W. Bacot. 2. Zillah (Haynie) Brandon. 3. Mary Davis (Brown) Brown. 4. Dolly Summer (Lunt) Burge. 5. Louisiana D. Burge. 6. Kate S. Carney. 7. Carolyn Elizabeth (Burgwin) Clitherall. 8. Louisa (Maxwell) Holmes Cocke. 9. Martha E. (Foster) Crawford. 10. Sarah Anne (Gayle) Crawford. 11. Kate…

American Women's Diaries: Western Women

Collection of 427 published and unpublished works by and about women in the Western U.S. during the 18th and 19th centuries, including: diaries; autobiographies; biographies; personal histories; transcriptions of oral interviews; and transcriptions of Pioneer Personal History Questionnaires.

Amicus patriae, pseud. A Memorial of some of the part-owners and proprietors of the patents of Minisink and Wawayanda, bordering on the crown-lands in the colony of New York, that lie between those patents and the true boundaries of New Jersey

Microfilmed with: Proposals for traffick and commerce, or Foreign trade in New Jersey, in answer to that upbrading [!] question, why should not we have trade, as all other the plantations: Collected from the papers of A. and B., D.N., A.P., F. and G., H.W. and others. And humbly presented to the…

Amicus patriae, pseud. Proposals for traffick and commerce, or Foreign trade in New Jersey, in answer to that upbrading [!] question, why should not we have trade, as all other the plantations: Collected from the papers of A. and B., D.N., A.P., F. and G., H.W. and others. And humbly presented to the General assembly by Amicus patriae...

With this is microfilmed: A Memorial of some of the part-owners and proprietors of the patents of Minisink and Wawayanda, bordering on the crown-lands in the colony of New York, that lie between those patents and the true boundaries of New Jersey

Amnesty International: a major collection of published and unpublished research material

[v.A, pt.1] Amnesty International country dossiers, 1975-1980 (H-2600-H-2604) -- [v.A, pt.2] Amnesty International country dossier, 1981- -- [v.B, pt.1] Amnesty International publications : Amnesty International newsletter, 1971-1980 (H-2605) -- Amnesty International report (annual), 1961/62-…

Amyet, Jacques, 1920-. The Chinese community of Manila: a study of adaptation of Chinese familism to the Philippine environment.

Thesis Non-RU

Ancient correspondence, 1175-1538: PRO class SC 1.

Correspondence of kings, bishops, Popes, knights, noblemen, royal servants, and Lord Chancellors covering the reigns of King John to King Henry VIII. Relates to topics such as diplomatic relations between Britain and France, political struggles between king and barons, ecclesiastical elections…

Anderson, Evelyn J.. An analytical study os some reviewing media of children's books

Thesis non-RU

Anderson, Frank W. Automobile financing.

Thesis Non-RU

Anderson, Robert Lee. Negro suffrage in relations to American federalism, 1957-63

Thesis non-RU; abstracted in dissertation abstracts

Anderson, Ruth Mapes. A study of bureaucratization and professionalization in formal organizations.

Thesis non-RU; "Impact of different combinations of professional and bureaucratic characteristics on the effectiveness of general hospitals." Cf. Abstract.

Anderson, Ruth Mapes. A study of bureaucratization…[1967]

abstracted in dissertation abstracts

Anderson, William J. The safety of loans on underground oil.

Thesis Non-RU

Andrews, Clay Samuel. Social science generalizations for use in the social studies curriculum: organizing and governing.

Thesis non-RU

Andrews, Solomon. The art of flying.

Half-title: Aerial navigation and a proposal to form an aerial navigation company. On reel with the above are: - War record of the First Babtist Church, Newark, N.J. during the four year's national struggle, from 1861 to 1865. New York. 1865. - A sketch of the life of Major General…

Andrews, Thelma. Trends in college library buildings.

Thesis non-RU (M.A.)

Anglo-Saxon manuscripts in microfiche facsimile / Phillip Pulsiano, general editor; A.N. Doane, executive director; Ronald E. Buckalew, associate editor; editorial and advisory board, Carl T. Berkhout .. [et al.]

v. 1. [Books of prayers and healing] / descriptions by A.N. Doane. -- v. 2. Psalters I / descriptions by Phillip Pulsiano -- v. 3. Anglo-Saxon gospels -- v. 4. Glossed texts, Aldhelmiana, psalms -- v. 5. Latin manuscripts with anglo-Saxon glosses / descriptions by Peter J. Lucas, A.N. Doane, I.C…

Annual Reports of the World's Central Banks

From the Collection of the Joint Bank-Fund Library in
Washington D.C. Countries and Dates Covered as follows:
Algeria 1974,1980;
Angola 1965-1968, 1970-1973;
Argentina 1946-1985;
Australia 1959-1992;
Austria 1956-1974, 1976, 1978-1989;

Antimartinus, sive monitio cuiusdam Londin ensi ad adolescentes vtriusque Academiae, contra…Martin Marprelate.

Not available.

Apgar, Wilbur Ethelbert. Evolution of the office of chief state school officer in New Jersey

Thesis non-RU

Archange de Saint Gabriel. La prophanation des eglises condamne'e par deux lettres chretiennes. La I. adressee aux hommes et la II. Adressee aux femmes & aux filles, qui manquent de respect & de piete dans les eglises

Not available.

Archives biographiques francaises.

Alphabetical collection of more than 180 important french biographical works published from the 17th to the 20th century.

Archives of the Church Missionary Society, West Africa.

Reels 1-3. North Nigeria mission, 1915-1925 -- reels 4-7. Yoruba mission, 1915-1925. Reproduces papers of the church missionary society.

Archives of the settlement movement

Series 1. The archives of the National Federation of Settlements and Successors, c1899-1958. pt. 1. Minutes, reports and proceedings of central policy making groups (reel 1-20), pt. 2. Domestic programs: project files on public policy and social action, housing, unemployment, civil rights, civil…

Archivio biographica italiano: cumulativo di 321 repertori biografici fra i piau importanti a partire dal sec. XVII sino all'inizio del sec. XX.

Not available.

Archivo biografico de Espana, Portugal e Iberoamerica: una compilacion de 300 obras biograficas, las mas importantes y representativas, editadas entre el siglo XVII y los inicios del siglo XX

Text of microfiche in Spanish and Portugese; text of manual in Spanish, Portugese, English and German.

Argentina. Comision Directive del Censo [Census]. 1895. - Censo argentino, año 1895 capital de la republica.

Includes handwritten census records with personal names.

Argentina. Direccion General de Estadistica de la Nacion. Extracto estadistico de la Republica Argentina. 1915. [Statistics]

Not available.

Argentina. Direccion General de Estadistica. Anuario de la Direccion General de Estadistica. 1893-1907, 1909-1912. [Statistics]

1905 v. 2 missing

Argentina. Direccion Nacional de Estadistica y Censo. Anuario estadistico, 1944-1950, 1957. [Annual statistics]

1951-1956 not published

Arizona. Census. 1864. 1866. (State Censuses)

Part of larger State Censuses collection

Arkansas. Census. 1854. (State Censuses)

Part of larger State Censuses collection

Armitage, James Herbert. Analysis of citizenship goals in social studies instruction.

Thesis non-RU; abstracted in dissertation abstracts

Armstron Association of Philadelphia. A study of the living conditions among colored people in towns in the outer part of Philadelphia and in other suburbs both in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

On reel with: Steward, Theophilus Gould, 1843-, Memoirs of Mrs. Rebecca Steward.

Armstrong, Charles Wesley. Role of information resources in national development: a descriptive study and analysis of library resources in West Africa.

Thesis non-RU

Armstrong, Charles Wesley. Role of information resources in national development: a descriptive study and analysis of library resources in West Africa…1971.

abstracted in dissertation abstracts

Armstrong, Edward Ambler. The province line dividing the province of east and west New Jersey

Not available.

Arnold, Samuel George. Biographical sketches of distinguished Jerseymen.

On reel with: Vanderpoel, Ambrose E.//History of Chatham, New Jersey.

Arnold, Samuel George. These sketches of the N.J. signers of the Declaration of Independence were prepared by several different people, and were first published in the "Emporium & True American"

Not available.

Arnsdorf, Val Earl. An investigation of teaching chronology in the sixth grade.

Thesis non-RU

Arrianus, Flavius. Arriani. Tactica & Mauriccii Arie militari Liber dvodecim omnia, nunquam ante publicata Graecae primus edit, versione Latine notisque illustrat. Johannes Schefferus. Upsaliae, Excudit Henricus Curio & Academia Upsaliensis Bibliopola, 1664.

Not available.

Arthur, Bettie. Comparison of the psychological test performance of brain damaged and normal children in the mental age range from five to six.

Thesis non-RU; Dissertation abstract

Arya, Gosah. A study of Thailand's economy: the impact of international trade on economic development.

Thesis RU (M.A.)

Asbury Park High School Yearbooks

Reel 1. 1935-1951 -- reel 2. 1952-1964 -- reel 3. 1965-1972 reel 4. 1973-1980 -- reel 5. 1981-1988 -- reel 6. 1989-1995.

Asbury Park Public Library Postcard Collection

The 900 postcards in this collection have been grouped into 22 subject categories which have been placed on the film in the order in which they were processed and not in alphabetical, topical, or any other order.

Aschewald, Howard Bernard. Some relationshiops between cognitive verbal behavior and student cognitive verbal response in secondary school social studies classes.

Thesis non-RU; abstracted in dissertation abstracts

Association of College and Research Libraries: ACRL microcard series

Series consists of theses, reports, studies, etc. in library science, including historical, descriptive and enumerative bibliographies, which are otherwise not available.

Atarelli, Carlo C. History and present conditions of the Italian colony at Paterson, N.J.

Thesis non-RU

Atkins, William Harry. The training of personnel workers for secondary schools

Microfilm copy of typescript; Dissertation RU

Atlantic City press, Atlantic City, N.J. Historic South Jersey towns, 1609-1959. The Jersey Cape.

Articles originally in the Sunday Press from March to June 1959, reprinted by Atlantic City Press: [2d pt. of film] Series appeared in the Sunday Press from Feb. to June 1958.

Au, Chih-Chun Tien. American impact on modern Chinese library development.

Thesis Non-RU

Australia. National Population Inquiry. Population and Australia: a demographic analysis and projections: report.

Not available.

Austria. Statistische Zentral-Kommission. Statistisches jahrbuch der osterreichischen monarchie 1863-1881. [Statistical yearbook]

Part of Foreign Statistical Yearbooks collection.

Austria. Statistische Zentral-Kommission. Tafeln zur Statistik der osterreichischen monarchie 1842-1859. [Statistics]

Part of Foreign Statistical Yearbooks collection. 1847-1848 not received

Austria. Statistische Zentralamt. Statistisches handbuch fur die Republik Osterreich 1920-1938, 1950-1965. [Statistical handbook]

Part of Foreign Statistical Yearbooks collection.

Austria. Statistische Zentralkommission. Osterreichisches statistisches handbuch 1882-1917. [Statistics]

Part of Foreign Statistical Yearbooks collection.

Austria. Statistisches Zentralamt. Volkszahlungsergebnisse 1961. [Results of the population census]

Part of Western European Census Reports

Austrian State Archives 1848-1918. Prussian files

Austria. Staatsarchiv

Axhausen, Kate. Die Theorien uber den Ursprung der provenzalischen Lyrik.

Thesis non-RU

Bahl, Roy W. Forecasting municipal revenues and expenditures: a primer and handbook

National Technical Information Service (PB82-144528)

Baker, G.E. America's rotten boroughs: urban under-representation in state legislatures

Dissertation non-RU

Banning, Lance Gilbert. The quarrel with Federalism: a study in the origins and character of Republican thought

Thesis non-RU; abstracted in dissertation abstracts

Bardwell, Roger Willis. Differences in perception of citizens and teachers about educational issues.

Thesis non-RU

Barnett, Claude A. The Claude A. Barnett papers: The Associated Negro Press, 1918-1967 (Part three: Subject Files on Black Americans)

Princeton has Pts. 1, 2, and the Agriculture, Colleges, Economic Conditions, and Entertainers, Artists, and Authors sections of Pt. 3. The sections ALEXANDER owns include correspondence, news clippings, and other items dealing with the National Council of Negro Women, the National Association…

Barr, William M. George L. Record

Thesis non-RU

Batchelor, Lillian Lewis. The improvement of the school library system in Philadelphia secondary schools, a report of a type B project.

Thesis non-RU; Microfilmed with: Kaye, Bernard William. The role of the principal in relation to library service in public elementary schools. 1951.

Baughman, James Carroll. A model for establishing a curriculum and its core literature source.

Thesis, Non-RU

Baxter, Glen Williams. Hua Chien Chi, songs of tenth-century China: a study of the first Tz'u anthology.

Thesis non-RU

Beamish, Robert Lalonde. The personified abstraction in Middle High German lyric poetry

Thesis non-RU; abstracted in dissertation abstracts

Becker, Eugene Matthew. Whistler and the aesthetic movement.

Thesis non-RU

Becker, Joseph. Short run methods of catalog card duplication

Dissertation non-RU

Becker, Liselotte. Das Weltbild in Gottlieb Konrad Pfeffels Verserzahlungen.

Not available.