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Sources for the History of the British in the Middle East 1800-1978 "A catalogue of the Private papers Collection in theMiddle East Centre, St. Anthony's College, Oxford." (Publisher's Catalog) The microfiche reproduces the card index to the Private Papers Collection.
Hasse, Adelaide Rosalia. Reports of explorations printed in the documents of the United States Government. "Based on the bibliography of the same title by Adelaide R. Hasse, Washington, G.P.O., 1899." The index is a facsimile reprint of the 1899 bibliography with the addition of reel numbers to the documents.
Gerritsen Collection of Women's History, 1543-1945 "Possibly the greatest single source for the study of international women's history and the feminist movement." 4,500 book titles and periodical runs, about half are in English. Guide provides broad category and name access. Records also accessible through IRIS.
Kansas. Census. 1855. 1859. 1875. 1885. 1895. 1905. 1915. 1925. (State Censuses) (State Censuses)
British and Continental Rhetoric and Elocution. ...original source materials tracing the development of rhetorical theory from the 16th to the 19th century. ...117 titles, mostly in English, but also in Latin, French and Italian, exploring every aspect of written, spoken and even musical expression.
U.S. State Department. Despatches from U.S. consuls in Chinkiang, China, 1864-1902. (National Archives microcopy no. M103) 1 reel of 7
American Women's Diaries: Southern Women 1. Ada W. Bacot. 2. Zillah (Haynie) Brandon. 3. Mary Davis (Brown) Brown. 4. Dolly Summer (Lunt) Burge. 5. Louisiana D. Burge. 6. Kate S. Carney. 7. Carolyn Elizabeth (Burgwin) Clitherall. 8. Louisa (Maxwell) Holmes Cocke. 9. Martha E. (Foster) Crawford. 10. Sarah Anne (Gayle) Crawford. 11. Kate...
Norton, Caroline Sheridan. Norton: the collected writings of Caroline Norton (1808-1877). 1. Aunt Carry's ballads. The child of the islands. The coquette ... -- 2. The dream & other poems. The lady of La Garaye. The English annual,1836 -- 3. The sorrows of Rosalie ... The undying one ...A voice from the factories. Pamphlets (A plain letter, letters to the mob, &c) -- 4....
Social Welfare Periodicals: sources for history of social welfare in America 1. National Conference on Social Welfare. Social Welfare Forum. Offical proceedings, 1874-1969 -- 2. Child labor bulletin, 1912-1919, superceded by American child, 1919-1955 -- 3. Lend a hand, 1886-1897 -- 4. Charities review, 1891-1901 -- 5. Survey, 1897-1952, which includes Charities, Charities...
Austria. Statistische Zentral-Kommission. Tafeln zur Statistik der osterreichischen monarchie 1842-1859. [Statistics] 1847-1848 not received
Netherlands. Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek. Statistisch Jaarboek. [Statistical yearbook] 1851-1881. 1869-1881 not received
Belgium. Institut National de Statistique. Annuaire statistique de la Belgique. 1870-1962 [Annual statistics] 1880, 1893, 1894 not received.
Hungary. Statisztikai hivatal. Magyar statistikai evkonyv. [Statistical yearbook] 1872-1965. 1890, 1940, 1943-1946 not received
Belgium. Commission Centrale de Statistique. Statistique generale de la Belgique: Expose de la situation du royaume. 1841-1900 [Statistics] 1900 not received.
Portugal. Instituto Nacional de Estatistico. Anuario estatistico. 1875-1970. [Annual statistics] 1904/5-1936 only
Argentina. Direccion General de Estadistica. Anuario de la Direccion General de Estadistica. 1893-1907, 1909-1912. [Statistics] 1905 v. 2 missing
Denmark. Statistiske Department. Statistisk Arbog. [Statistical yearbook] 1896-1965. 1945 not received.
U.S. State Department. Despatches from U.S. consuls in Swatow, China, 1860-1881. (National Archives microcopy no. M113) 2 of 4 reels
U.S. State Department. Despatches from U.S. consuls in Hong Kong, China, 1844-1906. (National Archives microcopy no. M108) 2 reels of 21.
Indiana. State Bureau of Inspection. Annual report. 1st-2nd, 4th. 1897-1898, 1900. [State Labor Reports] 3rd report not published
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth 1807-1882. Journals and letters 4 reels of his journals, 3 of his letters, and one of his miscellaneous writings. Journals range from 1826 to 1882. Letters reels are labelled: March 13, 1851--; June 9, 1863--; and April 2, 1871--. Reel 8 lacks a label.
Michigan. Department of Labor. Report of the Inspection of Factories in Michigan. 1st-4th. 1893-1897. [State Labor Reports] 5th-7th Report of the State Inspection of Factories included in Annual report of the Bureau of Labor and Industrial Statistics, 1898-1900.
California. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Biennial report. 1st-9th. 1883/84-1899/1900. [State Labor Reports] 6th (1893-94) and 8th (1897/98) not published.
U.S. State Department. Despatches from U.S. consuls in Hankow, China, 1861-1906. (National Archives microcopy no. M107) 8 reels total
Image of the East: Nineteenth Century Near Eastern Photographs by Bonfils from the collections of the Harvard Semitic Museum [Chicago visual library text-fiche] A collection of photographs of Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, and other Middle Eastern states in the 19th century, photographed primarily by the brothers Felix and Adrian Bonfils.
Kuepper, Stephen Louis. Euthanasia in America, 1890-1960: the controversy, the movement, and the law. A Rutgers University Doctoral dissertation.
Records of ante-bellum southern plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War: Series D, Selections from the Maryland Historical Society Account books, family papers, and diaries of slave owners from the eighteenth century through the Civil War.
Sanborn Map Company. Fire Insurance Maps from the Sanborn Map Company Archives:Late 19th Century to 1990: New Jersey Alphabetical by town/city.
Archives biographiques francaises. Alphabetical collection of more than 180 important french biographical works published from the 17th to the 20th century.
U.S. Congress. Serial Set. Also indexed in the Guide to American Indian Documents in the Congressional Serial Set DOCREF KF8201.A1J63
Dumont, Jean, baron de Carlscroon, 1660-1726. Corps universal diplomatique du droit des gens contenant un recueil des traites d'alliance. (Main work and supplement) Anthology of treaties, pacts, alliances and other contracts passed in Europe after the reign of charlemagne up until the present.
Church of Scotland missionary archive Archive from the National Library of Scotland. Part 1. Missions to India and China, 1829-1933.
University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Library. Nigerian pamphlets, 1844-1949 Assassination story, true or false / Nnamdi Azikiwe -- As youth sees it / Kola Balogun -- Home rule now / Kola Balogun -- A precedent for future regrets: shall we Nigerians let this be / Kolawole Balogun -- The congress movement and Mr. Herbert Macaulay / Patriach J.C. Campbell -- Why is The...
Austrian State Archives 1848-1918. Prussian files Austria. Staatsarchiv
Germany. Reichstag. Verhandlungen des Reichstags Bds. 1-57, 1867-1879; Bds. 58-164, 1880-1897; Bds. 165-325, 1898-1918; Bds. 326-458, 1919-1933.
Hakluyt Society. Works Issued by the Hakluyt Society. 1st series. Books, journals, letters and other documents relating to exploration, voyages and expeditions. 1st series. Includes Christopher Columbus' journal.
Population schedules of the Census of the United States(New Jersey only) Census materials listing individual names for each person surveyed in New Jersey. Information on the 1930 Census, including a listing of reels searchable by place, is available at: http://1930census.archives.gov/
Canada. Statistics Canada. Census of Canada 1871-1971 Census of Canada: 1871, 1881, 1890-91, 1893, 1901, 1906, 1911, 1921, 1931, 1941, 1951, 1961, 1966, 1971. Census of Manitoba 1885-86. Census of Newfoundland and Labrador 1945. Census of Prairie Provinces 1906(?), 1916, 1926, 1936. Census of the Three Provisional Districts of the North-West...
American Women's Diaries: Western Women Collection of 427 published and unpublished works by and about women in the Western U.S. during the 18th and 19th centuries, including: diaries; autobiographies; biographies; personal histories; transcriptions of oral interviews; and transcriptions of Pioneer Personal History Questionnaires.
U.S. State Department. United States and France: Correspondence dealing with economic relations 1811-1930. Compiled and indexed by Williamson S. Howell, Jr. "Examined and analyzed all the records in the American Embassy in Paris dealing with economic questions. The documents are principally the communications which have passed between the State Department at Washington and the American Embassy at...
Early British Periodicals (EBP) Consists of more than 160 periodicals dealing with literature, philosophy, history, science, and fine arts, and the social sciences which were published primarily in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Sanger, Margaret. Margaret Sanger. (Pt.1: Diaries, speeches, and writings of Margaret Sanger.) (Women in America: core primary sources for women's studies; ser. 3) Consists of the diaries and correspondence of Margaret Sanger in addition to her lectures and speeches. Each reel includes biographical information, a chronology, an index to papers, a general table of contents for the part, and a detailed table of contents for the reel.
State Slavery Statutes(1789-1865) Containing some 7100 statutes, covering all southern states, from the birth of the United States to the end of the Civil War. The Guide includes an index by subject, names and Geographical locations.
Educational Alliance (New York, N.Y.). Minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors of the Educational Alliance (Minutes of the Board of Trustees, the Educational Alliance, 1879-1980) Contains minutes of the Board of Trustees, annual reports, and minutes of committees. There are no minutes for 1891 through November 1898. The next minutes are dated December 12, 1898. There are no additional gaps through 1980.
Three Centuries of English and American Plays 1500-1800 Contains over 5,000 plays, published in England from 1500-1800, and in the united States from 1830.
Delaware & Raritan Canal Agreements, 1874-1940 Contains records involving the Delaware & Raritan canal. Consists of canal related agreements entered into the Pennsylvania Railroad as lessee from 1874-1934 in which year the canal was taken over by the state of New Jersey.
Massachusetts. Bureau of prisons. Annual report. 1st-4th; 1816-1919. Contains reports upon all prison matters, with statistics of arrests and of criminal prosecutions. Includes also reports of the State prison, Boston, the Massachusetts reformatory, Concord, the Reformatory prison for women, Sherborn, the prison camp and hospital, Rutland, and the State farm,...
Illinois. Board of state commissioners of public charities. Biennial report. 1st-21st; 1869/70-1908/09. Continued as: Board of administration. Biennial report, and as: State charities commission. Annual report.
Sherman, William Tecumseh. William Tecumseh Sherman family papers 1808-1891 Correspondance, clippings, photographs, diaries, and legal papers from the U.S. Civil War general and his family.
Hillquit, Morris. Morris Hillquit Papers, 1886-1948 Correspondance, writings, photographs, broadsides, and clippings of the American Socialist and trade union activist.