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Norway. Statistiske Sentralbyra. Statistisk arbok for Norge. 1879-1965. [Statistical yearbook] N/A
Occupation of Japan: U.S. Planning Documents, 1942-1945. N/A
Official journal of the European Communities. C. Information and notices; Official journal of the European Communities. L. Legislation Earlier years (1973-1983) at ALEXANDER DOC KJE908.O33 and ALEXANDER DOC KJE908.O34.
Ohio. Board of administration. Annual report. 1st-10th; 1911/12-1920/21. The board is responsible for organizing the statistical and financial records of the various institutions so they can be administered as a single unit.
Ohio. Board of clemency. Annual report. 1st-6th; 1924-1929. N/A
Ohio. Board of commissioners for reform schools. Annual report. 1st-58th; 1856-1912/13. Reports following the 1st Biennial Report, 1908/09, and preceding the 58th Annual Report, 1912/13, were not located and may never have been published.
Ohio. Board of state charities. Report. 1st-46th; 1867-1920/21. The board has no administrative authority; its purpose is to examine all state charities and report its findings to the Legislature. The 34th Report is the last known publication in this series.
Ohio. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Annual report. 1st-24th. 1877-1900. [State Labor Reports] N/A
Ohio. Department of Inspection of Workshops Factories and Public Buildings. Annual report. 1st-18th. 1884-1900. [State Labor Reports] N/A
Ohio. Department of public welfare. Report. 1st-9th; 1921-1930.. The department has jurisdiction over state charities, pardons and paroles, excepting the power to purchase supplies for the support and maintenance of state institutions.
Ohio. Industrial and Economic Development Department. Statistical abstract of Ohio. 1960, 1969. N/A
Ohio. State Board of Arbitration. Annual report. 1st-8th. 1893-1900. [State Labor Reports] N/A
Ohio. State board of pardons. Annual report. 1st-15th; 1888-1916/17. The 1st-3rd and 7th-11th Reports, 1888-1889/90 and 1893/94-1897/98, respectively, were not located and may never have been published; the 12th Report, 1898/99, is the last known report in the series.
Oklahoma. Census. 1907. (State Censuses) Not available.
Oregon. Census. 1865. 1875. 1895. 1905. (State Censuses) Not available.
Organization of American States. OAS official records. (Documentos oficiales de la OEA) Issued by: Pan American Union, General Secretariat, Organization of American States, <---->-1969; General Secretariat of the Organization of American States, 1970- Each document bears a symbol indicating either its category or its originating agency.
Organization of American States. Reuniones Bibliotecologicas. (Seminar on Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials) Final report and papers. 1st through 6th seminar, 1956-1961.
Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Annual review and record. 1967-1977. N/A
Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Annual statistical bulletin. 1966-1977. N/A
Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Resolutions adopted at the conferences. 1st-39th. 1960-1974. Not available.
Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Selected documents of the international petroleum industry. 1966-1976. N/A
Pennsylvania. Board of public charities. Annual report. 1st-48th; 1870-1918. The board is responsible for inspecting all charitable and correctional institutions in the state and must examine all local reports concerning the support of paupers. The 14th-48th Reports, 1883-1917, include the 1st-35th Annual reports of the Committee on lunacy.
Pennsylvania. Bureau of Industrial Statistics. Annual report. 1st-28th. 1872/73-1900. [State Labor Reports] N/A
Pennsylvania. Department of Factory Inspection. Annual report. 1st-11th. 1891-1900. [State Labor Reports] N/A
Pennsylvania. Department of welfare. Biennial report. 1st-5th; 1921/22-1929/30. The functions of the Department are mainly supervisory and advisory. It is responsible for inspecting the 850 institutions and agencies in the state.
Pennsylvania. Mother's assistance fund. Report. 1st-7th; 1917-1929. N/A
Pennsylvania. Statistics Bureau. Pennsylvania statistical abstract. 1958-1974. N/A
Poland. Glowny urzad Statystyczny. Rocznik statystyczny 1920/21-1965. [Statistical yearbook] None published 1931-1946, 1951-54
Population schedules of the Census of the United States(New Jersey only) Census materials listing individual names for each person surveyed in New Jersey. Information on the 1930 Census, including a listing of reels searchable by place, is available at: http://1930census.archives.gov/
Portugal. Instituto Nacional de Estatistica. Decimo recenseamento geral da populacao, no continente e ilhas adjacentes (as 0 horas de 15 Dezembro de 1960). [Tenth general population census of the continent and adjacent islands] N/A
Portugal. Instituto Nacional de Estatistico. Anuario estatistico. 1875-1970. [Annual statistics] 1904/5-1936 only
Presidental Election Campaign Documents for the years 1868-1900. N/A
Presidents Commission on the Status of Women / project coordinator, Robert E. Lester N/A
Re-Engineering Education for Change: Educational innovation for development:Report of the Second UNESCO-ACEID International Conference. N/A
Records in the British Public Records Office Relating to South Carolina Volumes 6-36, covering 1716-1782
Records of the Children's Bureau, 1912-1969 pt. 1. Child welfare (MC0020, 92 reels) -- pt. 2. Child legislation (MC0021, 16 reels) -- pt. 3. Children's Bureau history (MC0022, 92 reels) -- pt. 4. Maternal and child health (MC0023, 68 reels) -- pt. 5. Children's Bureau Merritt files (MC0024, 20 reels) -- pt. 6. Children's...
Records of the Women's Bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor, 1918-1965: Part 2. Women in World War II. Series A, Unpublished Studies and war community surveys. (Research collections in women's studies) (Research collections in labor studies) Women in World War II
Rhode Island. Bureau of Industrial Statistics. Annual report. 1st-14th. 1887-1900. [State Labor Reports] N/A
Rhode Island. Census. 1865. 1875. 1885. 1895. 1905. 1915. 1925. 1936. (State Censuses) Not available.
Romania. Directiunea Centrala de Statistics. Anuarul statistic al RPR 1957-1970. [Annual statistics] Volumes are accompanied by separate volumes of translation of text: 1957 in Russian, Romanian and French; 1958-1970 in Romanian and English.
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano. Press Conferences of Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933-1945 Issued by the National Archives and Records Service.
Russia. Departament narodnago prosvieshcheniia. Zhurnal Ministerstva narodnogo prosvieshcheniia. Some vols. accompanied by separately numbered supplements.
Russia. Gosudarstvennaia Duma. Stenograficheskie Otchety. April 27, 1906-February 25, 1917. N/A
Russia. Ministerstva narodnogo prosvescenija. Zurnal. [Public Instruction Ministry. Journal] v. 1-362, 1834-1905. New series v. 1-72, 1906-1917. N/A
Russia. Tsentral'nyi Statisticheski Komitet Ministerstva Vnutrennykh Del. Ezhegodnik Rossii. Annuaire de la Russe 1904-1911. [annual statistics] N/A
Saionji, Kimmochi, 1849-1940. Saionji-Harada memoirs 1930-1940: Civil Intelligence Section Special report (See also International Military Tribunal for the Far East Proceedings = Tokyo War Crimes Trial) Prince Kinmochi Saionji (1849-1940) was the last of the leaders of the Meiji Restoration to retain political influence in 20th century Japan. These memoirs (written by Baron Harada) give a view of pre-war Japan.
Scotland. General Register Office. Census 1961: Scotland. N/A
South Carolina. Census. 1868. 1875. (State Censuses) Not available.
South Dakota. Census. 1905. 1915. 1925. 1935. 1945. (State Censuses) Not available.
Southern Rhodesia. [Africa] Native Affairs Department. Report of the Chief Native Commissioner. 1913-1962. N/A