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Acheson, Dean. Princeton Seminars of Dean Acheson. July 1953-May 1954.

Transcripts of meetings held at the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton University, hosted by J. Robert Oppenheimer, to discuss the foreign policy of the Truman years. Issued by U.S. National Archives and Records Service.

Alabama. Census. 1838. 1840. 1844. (State Censuses)

Not available.

American Statistics Index (ASI)

A master guide & index to statistical publications of the US Gov't. Index is arranged by subject, and various geographic, economic, or demographic categories. Includes depository and non-depository documents. SEE ALSO: Statisitcal Reference Index (SRI)

Annual Reports of the World's Central Banks

From the Collection of the Joint Bank-Fund Library in
Washington D.C. Countries and Dates Covered as follows:
Algeria 1974,1980;
Angola 1965-1968, 1970-1973;
Argentina 1946-1985;
Australia 1959-1992;
Austria 1956-1974, 1976, 1978-1989;

Argentina. Comision Directive del Censo [Census]. 1895.

Includes handwritten census records with personal names.

Argentina. Direccion General de Estadistica de la Nacion. Extracto estadistico de la Republica Argentina. 1915. [Statistics]


Argentina. Direccion General de Estadistica. Anuario de la Direccion General de Estadistica. 1893-1907, 1909-1912. [Statistics]

1905 v. 2 missing

Argentina. Direccion Nacional de Estadistica y Censo. Anuario estadistico, 1944-1950, 1957. [Annual statistics]

1951-1956 not published

Arizona. Census. 1864. 1866. (State Censuses)

Not available.

Arkansas. Census. 1854. (State Censuses)

Not available.

Australia. National Population Inquiry. Population and Australia: a demographic analysis and projections: report.


Austria. Statistische Zentral-Kommission. Statistisches jahrbuch der osterreichischen monarchie 1863-1881. [Statistical yearbook]


Austria. Statistische Zentral-Kommission. Tafeln zur Statistik der osterreichischen monarchie 1842-1859. [Statistics]

1847-1848 not received

Austria. Statistische Zentralamt. Statistisches handbuch fur die Republik Osterreich 1920-1938, 1950-1965. [Statistical handbook]

Not available.

Austria. Statistische Zentralkommission. Osterreichisches statistisches handbuch 1882-1917. [Statistics]

Not available.

Austria. Statistisches Zentralamt. Volkszahlungsergebnisse 1961. [Results of the population census]

Not available.

Austrian State Archives 1848-1918. Prussian files

Austria. Staatsarchiv

Beilage zur Wochenzeitung "Das Parlament" [Bonn, Germany]

Covers 1960 to 1971.

Belgium. Commission Centrale de Statistique. Statistique generale de la Belgique: Expose de la situation du royaume. 1841-1900 [Statistics]

1900 not received.

Belgium. Institut National de Statistique. Annuaire statistique de la Belgique. 1870-1962 [Annual statistics]

1880, 1893, 1894 not received.

Belgium. Institut National de Statistique. Recensement de la population, 31 december 1961. [Census of the population]

Not available.

Bibliography of publications on UNESCO / Division of the UNESCO Library, Archives and Documentation Services = Bibliographie des publications sur l'Unesco / Division de la bibliothèque de l'Unesco, des archives et des services de documentation.

Not available.

Brazil. Directoria geral de Estadistica. Recensemento do populacao do imperio do Brazil: 1872. [Census]

Not available.

Brazil. Instituto Brasileiro de Estatistica. Anuario estatistico do Brazil. [Annual statistics]

Not available.

Bulgaria. Darzhavno Upravlenie za Informatsiya. Statistickeski godishnik na Narodna Republika Bulgaria. [Annual statistics] 1956-1970.

1956, 1969 not received

Bulgaria. Glavna Directsiia na Statistikata. Statisticheski godishnik na Bulgarskoto Tsarstvo. Annuaire statistique du Royaume de Bulgarie. [Annual statistics] 1909-1942.

Not available.

California. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Biennial report. 1st-9th. 1883/84-1899/1900. [State Labor Reports]

6th (1893-94) and 8th (1897/98) not published.

California. Census. 1852. (State Censuses)

Not available.

California. Department of institutions. Biennial report. 1st-5th: 1920/22-1928/30.

Includes also the reports of the California school for girls, Industrial home for adult blind, Industrial farm for women, Pacific colony, Preston school of industry, Sonoma state home, Agnew's state hospital, Mendocino state hospital, Napa state hospital, Norwalk state hospital, Southern…

California. Department of social welfare. Biennial report. 1st-2nd: 1926/28-1928/30.

The department is responsible for all social work in the state of California.

California. Economic development agency. California statistical abstract. 1961-1965.

Not available.

California. Finance department. California statistical abstracts. 1966-1975.

Not available.

California. Senate. California statistical abstract. 1958.

Not available.

California. State Board of Arbitration. Biennial report: 1891-1894. [State Labor Reports]

Not available.

California. State board of charities and corrections. Biennial report. 1st-10th: 1903/04-1920/22.

The board has supervisory, investigatory and licensing authority over all state, county, and city charitable, correctional, penal and reformatory institutions

California. State board of prison directors. Report. 1st-32nd. 1879-1928/30.

Reports are annual 1879-1892, biennial 1892-1930. The 16th Report, 1896/98 was never published. Includes reports of the state prisons at Quentin and at Folsom.

California. State department of public welfare. Viennial report. 1st: 1922/26.

This report, dated 1924/26 includes reports on dependency, delinquency, mental disease and deficiency. It also included statistical data of the Board of charities and corrections for the biennial period from 1922/24 which, heretofore, have not been published.

California. State prison directors. Report. 1851-1877/79.

Reports for the period are irregular. Includes reports of the state prison at San Quentin. A report for 1856 was not located and may never have been published.

Canada. Public Archives. Annual Reports 1872-1949

Not available.

Canada. Public Archives. Documents relating to the Constitutional History of Canada: 1759-1791. Selected and edited with notes by Adam Shortt and Arthur G. Doughty.

Not available.

Canada. Public Archives. Documents relating to the Constitutional History of Canada: 1791-1818. Selected and edited with notes by Arthur G. Doughty and D.A. McArthur.

Not available.

Canada. Public Archives. Documents relating to the Constitutional History of Canada: 1818-1828. Selected and edited with notes by Arthur G. Doughty and Norah Story.

Not available.

Canada. Statistics Canada. Census of Canada 1871-1971

Census of Canada: 1871, 1881, 1890-91, 1893, 1901, 1906, 1911, 1921, 1931, 1941, 1951, 1961, 1966, 1971. Census of Manitoba 1885-86. Census of Newfoundland and Labrador 1945. Census of Prairie Provinces 1906(?), 1916, 1926, 1936. Census of the Three Provisional Districts of the North-West…

Canada. Statistics Canada. Personal Census of Canada. 1851-52, 1860-61.

Not available.

Census data with maps for small areas of New York City, 1910-1960

U.S. Census

CIS U.S. Congressional Committee Prints on Microfiche

pt. 1. 1911-1969: Covers publications filmed from the holdings of the U.S. Senate Library and selected House and Senate Committees -- pt. 2. 1917-1969: Covers publications filmed from the holdings of the Library of Congress and the National Archives -- pt. 3. 1830-1969: Cover publications filmed…

Civil Rights During the Johnson Administration, 1963-1969

A collection from the holdings of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library, Austin, Texas. [pt. 1. White House central files (15 reels) -- pt. 2. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission administrative history (3 reels) -- pt. 3. Oral histories (3 reels) -- pt. 4. Records of the White House Conference…

Cointelpro: the counterintelligence program of the FBI

Communist Party of the USA (17 reels) -- Black nationalist hate groups (4 reels) -- White hate groups (3 reels) -- New left (4 reels, reel 4, Socialist Workers Party) -- National groups (1 reel) -- Special operations (1 reel).

Colonial-Hispanic legal documents (18th-19th centuries)

Reel 1. [Introduction and contents], index cards for all jurisdictions -- Reel 2. Colombia : Laws & statues (Documents 1-97) -- Reel 3. Colombia : Law & statues (Documents 1-22) -- Reel 4. Colombia : Miscellaneous (Documents 1-4) -- Reel 5. Mexico : Laws & statues (Documents 1-230…

Colorado. Census. 1861. 1866. (State Censuses)

Not available.