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Church authority and power in medieval and early modern Britain: the Episcopal Registers, 1215-1650.




111 reels


ALEXANDER REF CD1068.A2C498 1983


pt. 1. Registers of the Archbishops of York, 1215-1650 -- pt. 2. Registers of the Bishops of Lincoln, 1209-1663 -- pt. 3. Registers of the Bishops of Coventry and Lichfield, 1295-1632; Carlisle, 1292-1656; Chester, 1502-1686; and Durham, 1311-1683 -- pt. 4. Registers of the Bishops of Salisbury, 1297-1689 -- pt. 5. Registers of the Bishops of London, 1304-1660 --pt. 6. Registers of Christ Church Cathedral Priory, Canterbury, 1284-1661 --pt. 7. Registers of the Bishops of Ely, 1337-1619; Oxford, 1592-1663; and Wales 1389-1705 -- pt. 8. Registers of the Bishops of Chichester, 1396-1675; Gloucester, 1541-1681; and Rochester, 1319-1683 -- pt. 9. Registers of the Bishops of Worcester, 1268-1650.
Chiefly records of institutions of clergy to benefices and related material, exchanges of livings, resignations and deprivations of incumbents, appointments of coadjutors, and inquiries concerning vacancies and rights of patronage; ordination of clergy, confirmation of heads of religious houses, noting of business relating to church fabric and property, visitations, royal and papal letters, indulgences, commissions, licenses, dispensations and other memoranda, and records of financial and estate administration frequently included.