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Theal, George McCall. Records of South-Eastern Africa: collected in various libraries and archive departments in Europe "Collection ... of Portuguese and other records [upon the past condition of the Bantu tribes south of the Zambesi] ... including documents ... concerning the discoveries made by the first European explorers in South Africa."--Pref.
Fuero de Burgos (Spanish legal text series; no.1)
NUC Cartographic Materials Microform/Library of Congress A Cartographic Materials index, NUC stands for the National Union Catalog
Russian History and Culture. A collection of 2,000 scarce titles in the humanities and social sciences selected from the Helsinki University Library.
Immigrant in America Assembled from several major archives including the New York Public Library, the Balch Institute in Philadelphia, and the Immigration History Research Center at the University of Minnesota.
Spanish Rare Books of the Golden Age Based on the holdings of the University of Illinois, this collection of approximately 1800 titles reflects the development of Spanish prose and poetical styles in literature, religion, law, politics, the sciences, and medicine.
National Union Catalog. Register of Additional Locations Cumulative Edition
Deutsches biographisches Archiv: eine Kumulation aus 254 der wichtigsten biographischen Nachschlagewerke für den deutschen Bereich bis zum Ausgang des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts ermany--Biography--Dictionaries
Register of probate records, town of Fairfield, Connecticut. For holdings, see main entry in card catalog under "Fairfield County, (Conn.) Register of probate records..."Fairfield, Conn. Probate Packets M/Film 2678 6g reels (British Film Institute, London. Information Department)
Dictionary Catalog of the Applied Life Studies Library (Formerly Physical Education Library) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Formerly Physical Education Library. Catalog of books and microfilms in applied life studies at the university of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
PreColumbian Art From the Sunleston Oaks Collection
Liagre-De Sturler, Léone / Guide des sources de l'histoire d'Amérique latine conservées en Belguique. Guide to the sources of the history of the nations. A. Latin America ; v. 3, no. 1. [series title]
Portuguese period in East Africa /|cby Justus Strandes ; translated from the German by Jean F. Wallwork ; edited, with topographical notes, by J.S. Kirkman. Kenya History Society. Transactions
History of the law of real property in New York: an essay introductory to the study of the N.Y. revised statutes / by Robert Ludlow Fowler. Law books recommended for libraries. Property ; 43
Public catalog. Princeton University Library. N/A
Inventaires des Archives Nationales de Paris N/A
Leibniz Lexicon: a dual concordance to Leibniz's Philosophische Schriften N/A
Manual for Human Rights Education: Primary and Secondary Levels N/A
Marty, Andre Pierre, 1886-. Archives Andre Marty N/A
Morria, Roger N/A
Music Catalog N/A
Norwalk (Connecticut) Register of Probate Packets N/A
NUC Audiovisual Materials Microform/Library of Congress N/A
Options for the 80's N/A
Palestine statehood committee papers N/A
Puebla (Mexico). Indice y extractos de protocolos de puebla de Los Angeles, Mexico. N/A
Repertoire bio-bibliographique des auteurs latins N/A
Rollant li proz: contribution à l'histoire de quelques qualifications laudatives en français du Moyen âge / Théo Venckeleer N/A
Russian Symbolism N/A
Shakespeare's editors from Rowe to Alexander N/A
Spanish Drama of the Golden Age: The Comedia Collection of the University of Pennsylvania Libraries. N/A
Swan Sonnenchein and Company. Index to the Archives of Swan Sonnenschein & Co. N/A
Vandevele, Marc. Recruitment in Publishing: a Survey of Recruitment of Professional Publishing Staff/ Vandeevele, Marc and Forsaith, John C. N/A
Victoria & Albert Museum. Foster & Dyce Collection N/A
Victorian Bookbindings, a pictorial survey N/A
William S. Gray Research collection in reading N/A
Windham County, Connecticut. Town of Windham Conn. Probate Records N/A
Bahl, Roy W. Forecasting municipal revenues and expenditures: a primer and handbook National Technical Information Service (PB82-144528)
Center for research libraries catalog Not available.
Center for Research Libraries Catalog. Not available.
NUC U.S. Books Microform NUC= National Union Catalog
IMC/CBMS archives Original manuscripts in the Library of the School of Oriental and African Studies, London. [pt. 27-28]. Portuguese Africa (101 microfiches); [pt. 29-33]. Central & Southern Africa (245 microfiches); [pt. 34]. Egypt (57 microfiches).
Wilson, W.X. CBLR & D Report # 5372 Overview and analysis of selected, on-line systems: a report to the technical Evaluation commitee of the British Library STEIN project.
Spain. Direccion General de Archivos y Bibliotecas. Guia de fuentes para la historia de Ibero-America conservadas en Expana. Part of Series: Guide to the Sources of the History of the Nations; A. Latin America, Vol. 4,No. 1-2
Dead Sea scrolls on microfiche: a comprehensive facsimile edition of the texts from the Judean Desert Reproduces photographic negatives of original texts and fragments taken between 1950 and 1967 on behalf of the Palestine Archaeological Museum; also includes photographs taken from 1967 to the present on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, photographs from the archives of the Shrine of the...
Association of College and Research Libraries: ACRL microcard series Series consists of theses, reports, studies, etc. in library science, including historical, descriptive and enumerative bibliographies, which are otherwise not available.
Fuhrer durch die Quellen zur Geschichte Lateinamerikas in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Series: Guide to the sources of the history of the nations. A. Latin America ; v. 2, no. 1.
Roessingh, M. P. H. Guide to the sources in the Netherlands for the history of Latin America. Series: Guide to the sources of the history of the nations. A. Latin America ; v. 3, no. 2.
Guide to manuscript sources for history of Latin America and the Caribbean in the British Isles. Series: Guide to the sources of the history of the nations. A. Latin America.