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Acheson, Dean. Princeton Seminars of Dean Acheson. July 1953-May 1954.

Transcripts of meetings held at the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton University, hosted by J. Robert Oppenheimer, to discuss the foreign policy of the Truman years. Issued by U.S. National Archives and Records Service.

Addams, Jane. Jane Addams Papers 1860-1890

Includes correspondence from people such as Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Ida Tarbell and Emily Green Balch; personal documents(1873-1935) such as educational records, diaries, calendars, Addams' writings, and documents relating to her death; manuscripts and published versions of…

Afro-American History Series

Set of some 51 documents; includes sermons, orations, narratives, and other primary source materials published between 1792 and 1899. Most are pre-Civil War. Some are also available in paper copy and are listed in IRIS under this series.

American Bureau of Industrial Research: Manuscript Collections on the Early American Labor Movement, 1862-1908 [Research collections in labor studies]

This collection has been reproduced from the holdings of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.

American Women's Diaries: New England Women

Ruth Henshaw Bascom 1789-1846, Abigail Gardner Drew 1799-1817, Hannah Davis Gale 1837-1838, Sally Ripley 1799-1801 & 1805-1809, Martha Patty Rogers 1785, Susan EPB Forbes 1841-1908, Caroline Barrett White 1849-1915

American Women's Diaries: Southern Women

1. Ada W. Bacot. 2. Zillah (Haynie) Brandon. 3. Mary Davis (Brown) Brown. 4. Dolly Summer (Lunt) Burge. 5. Louisiana D. Burge. 6. Kate S. Carney. 7. Carolyn Elizabeth (Burgwin) Clitherall. 8. Louisa (Maxwell) Holmes Cocke. 9. Martha E. (Foster) Crawford. 10. Sarah Anne (Gayle) Crawford. 11. Kate…

American Women's Diaries: Western Women

Collection of 427 published and unpublished works by and about women in the Western U.S. during the 18th and 19th centuries, including: diaries; autobiographies; biographies; personal histories; transcriptions of oral interviews; and transcriptions of Pioneer Personal History Questionnaires.

Ancient correspondence, 1175-1538: PRO class SC 1.

Correspondence of kings, bishops, Popes, knights, noblemen, royal servants, and Lord Chancellors covering the reigns of King John to King Henry VIII. Relates to topics such as diplomatic relations between Britain and France, political struggles between king and barons, ecclesiastical elections…

Archives of the Church Missionary Society, West Africa.

Reels 1-3. North Nigeria mission, 1915-1925 -- reels 4-7. Yoruba mission, 1915-1925. Reproduces papers of the church missionary society.

Archives of the settlement movement

Series 1. The archives of the National Federation of Settlements and Successors, c1899-1958. pt. 1. Minutes, reports and proceedings of central policy making groups (reel 1-20), pt. 2. Domestic programs: project files on public policy and social action, housing, unemployment, civil rights, civil…

Archivio biographica italiano: cumulativo di 321 repertori biografici fra i piau importanti a partire dal sec. XVII sino all'inizio del sec. XX.

Not available.

Archivo biografico de Espana, Portugal e Iberoamerica: una compilacion de 300 obras biograficas, las mas importantes y representativas, editadas entre el siglo XVII y los inicios del siglo XX

Text of microfiche in Spanish and Portugese; text of manual in Spanish, Portugese, English and German.

Barnett, Claude A. The Claude A. Barnett papers: The Associated Negro Press, 1918-1967 (Part three: Subject Files on Black Americans)

Princeton has Pts. 1, 2, and the Agriculture, Colleges, Economic Conditions, and Entertainers, Artists, and Authors sections of Pt. 3. The sections ALEXANDER owns include correspondence, news clippings, and other items dealing with the National Council of Negro Women, the National Association…

Berle, Adolph Augustus, 1895-1971: The Diary of Adolph A. Berle

Berle held many positions during his life, including corporate law professor at Columbia University, adviser to New York City mayor LaGuardia, Assistant Secretary of State for Latin American Affairs, and Ambassador to Brazil.

Black Abolitionist papers, 1830-1865 compiled and edited by George E. Carter and C. Peter Ripley

Some 14,000 documents written by "nearly" 300 black men and women, dealing with the movement to end slavery. Included are letters, speeches, editorials, articles, sermons, and essays, copied from newspapers and manuscript collections held in the US, Canada and the UK. There is also a…

British biographical archive: a one-alphabet cumulation of 324 of the most important English-language biographical reference works originally published between 1601 and 1929.

Not available.

Burr, Aaron. The papers of Aaron Burr, 1756-1836.

Series 1. Correspondence. Reels 1-11 -- Series 2. Orderly books & journals. Reel 12 -- Series 3. Legal papers. Reels 13-27.

Campaign for Women's Suffrage, 1895-1920: Papers of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance, the National Union of Woman's Suffrage Societies, the Parliamentary Committee for Woman's Suffrage, and the Manchester Men's League for Woman's Suffrage

Not available.

Church Missionary Society archive Section V, Missions to the Americas.

Reproduces papers of the Church Missionary Society held at the CMS Headquarters in London and the University of Birmingham Library; includes books of correspondence, reports, records, applications, journals, and minutes.

Civil Rights During the Johnson Administration, 1963-1969

A collection from the holdings of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library, Austin, Texas. [pt. 1. White House central files (15 reels) -- pt. 2. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission administrative history (3 reels) -- pt. 3. Oral histories (3 reels) -- pt. 4. Records of the White House Conference…

Civil War Letters 1861-1865, Copied from the Fredonia censor

Letters sent to the Fredonian describing army life during the civil war.

Columbia University Oral History Collection [New York Times Oral History Program]

Not available.

Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) papers, collection of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, August Meier and Elliott Rudwick, general editors.

Pt. 1. Western Regional Office, 1962-1965 (5 reels, 1 reel guide) -- pt. 2. Southern Regional Office, 1959-1966 (15 reels, 1 reel guide) -- pt. 3. Scholarship, educational and defense fund for racial equality, 1960-1976. Series A. Administrative files (13 reels); Series B. Leadership…

Cruickshank., Brodie. Eighteen years on the Gold Coast of Africa: including an account of the native tribes and their intercourse with Europeans

Ghana--description and travel

Debs, Eugene Victor, 1855-1926. Papers of Eugene V. Debs, 1834-1945

Writings of Eugene V. Debs.

Duke University. Library. Manuscript Department. Socialist Party of America Papers, 1897-1963 & 1919-1976, addendum

The papers contain correspondence, minutes of committee meetings and proceedings of conventions, financial records, court records, copies of speeches, press releases, organizers' reports, lists, photographs, broadsides, leaflets, pamphlets, books, and serials. [Ser. 1. National office…

Economics Working Papers

Draft papers, not in the final state for publication, made available with a view to eliciting comments. Many never achieve conventional publication. Working papers contain more detailed sources than it is possible to include in the published versions.

Edison, Thomas. A. Thomas A. Edison papers: a selective micro film edition

Pt. 1. 1850-1878 -- Pt. 2. 1879-1886 --Pt. 3.1887-1898 -- Pt. 4. 1899-1910

Educational Alliance (New York, N.Y.). Minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors of the Educational Alliance (Minutes of the Board of Trustees, the Educational Alliance, 1879-1980)

Contains minutes of the Board of Trustees, annual reports, and minutes of committees. There are no minutes for 1891 through November 1898. The next minutes are dated December 12, 1898. There are no additional gaps through 1980.

Elements in Luvale beliefs and rituals / by C.M.N.White.

Rhodes-Livingstone Papers

Elizabeth Glendower Evans (Papers)(Women in America : core primary sources for women's studies ; ser. 1)

Holographs and typescript. Each reel includes biographical information, a chronology, and index to correspondents, a general table of contents for the part, and a detailed table of contents for the reel. Pt. 1. Papers and correspondence from Radcliffe College.

Emil Julius Gumbel Collection: political papers of an anti-nazi scholar in Weimar and exile 1914-66

Filmed from the holdings of the Leo Baeck Institute, NYC

Emma Goldman Papers

Correspondence, writings, and government documents related to the life of Emma Goldman (1869-1940).

Gale-Morant papers, 1731-1925: in the Library University of Exeter (British records relating to America in microform)

Section 1. General correspondence of William Gale -- Section 2. Documents relating to William Gale's will -- Section 3. Papers relating to York Plantation and Gale's Valley Plantation -- Section 4. Papers relating to Mount Hindmost Estate and St. Jago and Paisley Pens -- Section 5.…

Gallatin Albert 1761-1849 The papers of Albert Gallatin 1761-1880

Not available.

Gluckman, Max. Analysis of a social situation in modern Zululand

Rhodes-Livingstone Papers

Gluckman, Max. Analysis of the sociological theories of Bronislaw Malinowski

Rhodes-Livingstone Papers

Gluckman, Max. Economy of the central Barotse plain

Rhodes-Livingstone Papers

Gluckman, Max. Essays on Lozi land and royal property

Rhodes-Livingstone Papers

Grassroots women's organizations. Records of the Women's City Club of New York, 1916-1980 editorial director, Anne Firor Scott ; consulting editor, Elisabeth Israels Perry.

Not available.

Great Britain. Public Record Office. British headquarters (Sir Guy Carleton papers (1777-1783))

The papers consist chiefly of the correspondence of Sir Guy Carleton, but contain also copies of letters received, and sent, by previous Commanders-in-chief of the British Army in America, Sir William Howe and Sir Henry. Reels 1 and 2 are a copy of a calendar of the papers: Great Britain.…

Hakluyt Society. Works Issued by the Hakluyt Society. 1st series.

Books, journals, letters and other documents relating to exploration, voyages and expeditions. 1st series. Includes Christopher Columbus' journal.

Hillquit, Morris. Morris Hillquit Papers, 1886-1948

Correspondance, writings, photographs, broadsides, and clippings of the American Socialist and trade union activist.

History of Women

Pamphlets, periodicals, manuscripts and photographs dating from 1799 to 1920 concerned with women. Some foreign language items. Analytic cataloging available in Microforms room.

Huntington, Collis Potter, 1821-1900. Collis P. Huntington Papers 1856-1900

Correspondence, copy books, legal and financial records and personal papers of the railroad tycoon and philanthropist.

Jefferson Papers of the University of Virginia, 1732-1828

Not available.

Kaleka dance : aspects of social relationships among urban Africans in Northern Rhodesia / by Clyde Mitchell.

Rhodes-Livingstone Papers

Lauderdale Papers. Papers of John Maitland, Duke of Lauderdale, 1616-1682

Not available.

League of Women Voters. Papers of the League of Women Voters 1918-1974. Part I: Meetings of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committees. Part II: Transcripts and Records of National Conventions, 1919-1974 and of General Councils 1927-1973.

Minutes of meetings, transcripts, and records of national conventions.

Lewis, David. Information design: resource materials for education and training

Not available.