National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. 1905-1950. Papers of the NAACP.




316 reels (Parts 1-6, 8, 9A, 12B, 25C, 26B, 27A, 27B)


ALEXANDER REF E185.61.N37 guide pt. #


Includes major speeches; special reports; personal correspondence of Charles Houston, Juanita Jackson, James Weldon Johnson, Thurgood Marshall, E. Frederick Morrow, Mary White Ovington, William Pickens, Walter F. White, and Roy Wilkins; and records pertaining to the campaign for educational equality, the Scottsboro Case, the voting rights campaign (1916-1950), and the campaign against residential segregation; etc. More units of this set may be available at Princeton. -- Pt. 1. Meetings of the Board of Directors, records of annual conferences, major speeches, and special reports, 1909-1950 -- Pt. 1. Supplement, 1951-1955 -- Pt. 2. Personal correspondence of selected NAACP officials, 1919-1939 -- Pt. 3. The campaign for educational equality: Legal department and central office records; Ser. A. 1913-1940, Ser. B. 1940-1950 -- Pt. 4. The voting rights campaign, 1916-1950 -- Pt. 5. The campaign against residential segregation, 1914-1955 -- Pt. 6. The Scottsboro Case, 1931-1950 -- Pt. 8. Discrimination in the criminal justice system, 1910-1955: Legal department and central office records; Ser. A. 1910-1939, Ser. B. 1940-1955 -- Pt. 9. Discrimination in the Armed Forces, 1918-1955 -- Pt. 12. Selected branch files, 1913-1939; Ser. B. The Northeast -- Pt. 25. Branch Department Files; Ser. C. Branch newsletters and printed materials, 1956-1965 -- Pt. 26. Selected Branch Files, 1940-1955; Ser. A. South, Selected Branch Files, 1940-1955; Ser. B. The Northeast -- Pt. 27. Selected branch files, 1956-1965; Ser. B. The Northeast.