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Brazil's popular groups, 1966-1986. Supplement 10, 2000




6 reels


Indexes to pamphlets and serials are provided on the first reel.


Part of a collection of materials issued by socio-political, religious, labor, and minority grass roots organizations in Brazil. This supplement consists of 269 pamphlets, 962 serial issues representing 181 titles, and 87 posters. The collection is organized into fourteen broad categories: Agrarian Reform and Land Issues; Children and Youth; Education and Communication; Environment and Ecology; Ethnic Groups: Blacks; Ethnic Groups: Indians; Ethnic Groups: Others; Homosexual and Bisexual; Human and Civil Rights; Labor and Laboring Classes; Political Parties and Issues; Religious Organizations, Ecumenical Groups and Movements; Urban Activism; Women and Feminists. This supplement is strong in materials related to political parties, labor, and the environment, and it includes a variety of materials documenting the 2000 political campaigns for mayoral and city council elections. Geographically, all regions and almost all states of Brazil are represented in the collection. A sizeable portion come from São Paulo, Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro, where the most active grassroots movements and groups are located.
Reel 1. Indexes; Agrarian reform and land issues -- reel 2. Children and youth -- reel 5-7. Ethnic groups -- reel 9. Humans and civil rights -- reel 18. Agrarian reform and land issues through Women and feminists (Pamphlets and serials).