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To locate microfilm, microfiche, and microprint collections in Alexander Library, as well as selected holdings for other Rutgers libraries, select a broad category below. Titles that span multiple time periods or match more than one category will appear in more than one list.

To locate a specific item, click on the Search tab above and enter your search parameters in the boxes provided.

Selected lists Description Number of records
All items alphabetical by author/title A complete list of all materials which are currently included in the database.
(arranged alphabetically, generally by main entry; the main entry is often the title of the microform, but is sometimes the author or issuing agency.)
Additional materials are being added on a continuing basis.
Materials from and about specified time periods
Medieval, 15th and 16th centuries Prior to 1601 27
17th and 18th centuries 1601 to 1800 108
19th century 1801 to 1900 403
20th and 21st centuries 1901 to the present 1077
Government publications Federal, state, foreign and international government publications. 707
New Jersey Materials relating to specific localities, prominent people, and the state in general. 160
Pamphlet collections Includes pamphlet collections as well as larger collections in which pamphlets are a component. 34
Periodical collections Generally collections of periodicals, such as the "American Periodical Series", rather than individual periodicals such as "Time" or "Newsweek." 20
Personal papers, diaries, interviews, etc. Papers from individual people as well as organizations. Includes diaries, correspondence, interviews, and other primary sources. 123
Miscellaneous Uncategorized material. 180